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is a rich source of advice and information for Holiday Lets, Holiday Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts and other Holiday Businesses. was created following the huge popularity for the Homeowners Info Pack on our sister site Country Holiday Lets. is a key information resource to set up and run Holiday Lets

We also supply information for Bed and Breakfasts as there is a suprising amount of overlap in certain areas.  We have created the most comprehensive, in depth, resource for advice in the holiday let and bed and breakfast business on the internet with added value to benefit advertisers as well.  Visitors use this site for specific and highly relevant reasons: Search Terms Seeking Holiday Lets

Although tempted to compromise, we have not formed this site to appeal particularly to the demands of search engines.  Those visiting also come from other well used sites such as, and from the growing twitter following of over 3,000 directly for this site and over 9,000 for Country Holiday Lets.  These sources create a vastly higher quality of visitor so we have  focused on them and potential buyers.  Despite this, visit numbers from search engines are a significant extra.

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A new article has been published about supply and demand niches in our area for holiday cottages.  You need to take great care to ensure you by right.  Get the wrong location and a weak demand niche and you could end up with very little income.  Get it right and there is a decent future:  ‘You must consider this before setting up’

We feel you have to give something back and we are happy to share our extensive knowledge.  Some testimonials are below.  If you have, or are looking to buy a Holiday Let, Holiday Cottage or Bed and Breakfast, this site is for you.

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Holiday Lets for Sale

We have tried to cover everything you ever wanted to know about Holiday Lets, from the initial looking for a holiday let or bed and breakfast that is for sale, to advice on setting up the business, through to guests welcome packs and everything in between:

 Advice on setting up a Holiday Let

 What makes the ideal Holiday Let

 Holiday Lets for sale

 Suppliers for your Holiday Let

 Booking Agents(Regional or National or International), Listing Sites

Holiday Homes for sale

and much more..

This is a great place to find holiday lets for sale including, cottages, cabins, chalets and lodges. Also holiday businesses for sale including, bed and breakfasts and much more.  Find out how little it can cost to advertise your property for sale on our pricing page.  If you are new to running a holiday business there is useful information and guidance to be found on the Advice page.  It is also a useful reference for more experienced owners.

If there are any bits missing that you need advice on please let us know via the contact us page

To advertise your holiday let or holiday cottage for sale or holiday business such as a Bed and Breakfast or Holiday Complex see our Advantages, Special Focus and Pricing Page.  We know mainstream Estate Agents generally do not understand much beyond selling property and are frequently out of their depth when it comes to holiday lets.  Please note our terms and conditions

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We have had several contacts from interested parties generated from your site so we’d very much appreciate you continuing to advertise it please.

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Morwenon House

Morwendon House ‏@morwendon  @letsforsale we used your free advertising service. Amazing thank you  Feb 2015

Morwenon House

“We are just converting a barn in Monmouthshire with plans to have a 12 person holiday let from next year. I am working my way through your advice – it’s absolutely spot-on. Just what I needed so thanks for sharing your expertise. ”

LynneAug 2014

“We are just converting our barn to a holiday let and this site has been the most useful I have found yet.”

LynneFeb 2014

“We have talked to a few potential purchasers who have contacted us after viewing your site, ……..I’ll certainly recommend your site to others…”

BMJan 2014

“Very thorough comparison between #Holidaylet and #BnB by @letsforsale, from the home owner’s view point. Nice job! ”

Thibaultvia Twitter Jan 2014

“@letsforsale: Getting the most out of #holidaylet, find out what the market wants – this is top quality advice”

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