Cottage booking Agents, Listing Sites or go it alone?  A dilemma.

Marketing a property is a major expenditure for any business and getting it right is important. The options are threefold:

  1. Booking Agents – Either Regional or National booking agents are available, charges and contract terms do vary quite widely so check these out carefully.
  2. Listing Sites – There are a number of listing sites available which offer anything from a static advert to interactive calandars, card payments and other services
  3. Going it alone – Marketing your Holiday Let yourself can be the most expensive option but combining with one of the above can be effective especially if you have more than one property. Beware of spending money on Google advertising or Facebook advertising without learning about them first, it could become a very costly mistake.  Our marketing page is useful here

Each situation is different and may need a different solution.

For example, if you are in a very tourist driven area such as Cornwall it may be cheaper and more effective to go with a listing site and market yourself, however, on listing sites you are in amongst all the other properties in that area and may get lost in the masses. The search facility on these sites with the filters they use is important remember to check them out. A national agent may have the same problem unless the filters they use are also very good. A small regional agent will have fewer properties to search through, but make sure that the quality reflects your Holiday Let, and that the search facilities are up to the task.

Personal requirements can be deciding factors.  For owners who live close to the cottage or holiday let it is easier for them to administer the operation and they have day to day contact.  Exclusive agent agreements are often less attractive than for those with a holiday cottage in Cornwall but live and work in London.  The whole question can become quite complex and you can find out much more on a more detailed page about Agencies

The aim is to make your Holiday Let stand out to attract guests, do your research, ask the right questions of the agents and listing sites and you will come up with the right solution for your Holiday Let.  Our advice is also useful.